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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  June 15, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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we come to you this afternoon with two breaking news stories. new developments coming in just as we speak. one on that horrifying today out of the walt disney world resort in orlando. an alligator dragging a toddler into a lagoon there, and now, just in the last few minutes, we have learned that the egyptian government has confirmed that they have found the wreckage of egyptair flight 804. that flight of course went missing last month. we are scrambling to get all the details we can on that. again, just in the last few minutes, we've learned the egyptian government is now saying that. as we get new details on that story, we'll bring them to you. we are also waiting as we speak for a news conference. you're seeing the scene right there. this is outside the orange county sheriff's office in florida. earlier today, we were told there would be no further update on this case of the alligator and the child at disney world. that there would be no further updates until this evening,
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unless there was a major development in the meantime. and now a news conference set to begin there. so you can read into the possible meanings of that, but we'll be bringing you that as soon as it begins. the toddler was snatched by the alligator at dusk while he and his parents were wading in about a foot of water. at a man made lagoon at the grand floridian hotel. the father attempted to wrestle the boy away. he failed to do that. earlier, the deputy confirmed the child could not have survived that attack and the focus had shifted to a recovery effort to gain closure for the family. blake mccoy is in lake buna vista, florida, where this tragedy took place. blake, looks like we'll be getting an update sooner than we expected from authorities down there. what does that mean? >> yeah, that's right.
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our next update was scheduled for 6:00. it's 4:00 now, and we were told there would not be any earlier updates unless there were significant developments in the case. we do know they had stopped the search effort for this young boy, it had turned into a recovery effort around noon, so it could mean that they have found the body. we have not been tipped off, though, as to what this announcement is going to be. we can tell you that it will be significant because they said there wouldn't be any press conference before 6:00 unless it was. steve? >> again, we are waiting for that press conference to start. you can see it on the right side of your screen there. as soon as it begins, we'll bring it to you. we're juggling a number of stories this afternoon. joining us via skype, animal expert jeff musial. this story, i think so many people have been to disney world, probably to this lagoon and they can't believe that something like this could happen in a world renowned tourist
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destination. >> yeah, it's the happiest place on earth. for something like this to happen is devastating. absolutely devastating. but it's nature, and that's a scary thing. >> when you say it's nature, i guess that's the question here. there was obviously a sign here in the area that said not to go swimming in the water. but this family was about a foot deep, from what we hear. there's a beach there. they encourage people to be close to the water here. i guess the lesson here is, any fresh body water in florida, if you're in that water at all, you're potentially at risk? >> yeah. see the thing with alligators, the big problem they're having in florida, people feed them. when you're a kid, you go to a pond, you feed ducks. in florida, it's against the law to feed the alligators. they're not the brightest animals on the planet. so when they're getting fed constantly, they're like, you go
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to this area, you get free food. so that's what they're programmed to think. they're going there looking for food, thinking there's going to be handouts. they get used to being fed. they come to the areas where they think they're going to be fed. unfortunately, in this situation, the children are splashing around in the water. that's another sign. alligators look for wounded prey. could be a wounded duck, or an animal that was hit by a car. they look for wounded prey, especially at night-time. they're night-time hunters. >> all right, jeff musial, thank you for joining us. >> no problem. thank you, guys. >> a number of stories are developing and breaking this hour. more now on the discovery confirmed by the egyptian government of egyptair 804's wreckage. again, tom, this is just coming in, but take us through what we're learning here.
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>> this was egyptair flight 804, disappeared on a flight from paris to cairo on may 19th, airbus a 320 at 27,000 feet, suddenly went off radar. varying reports about whether it was spinning as it was coming down to the ocean surface. we don't have an answer on that yet. they've been waiting to find the black boxes. and this coming from the official government, we believe, from cairo, just stated, says here that the vessel contracted by the egyptian government to join the search efforts for the data recorders and the wreckage, that it has identified several main locations of the wreckage, and accordingly, the first images of the wreckage were already provided to the investigation committee. we don't have a precise location on that, but you may recall that it was thought there was about 120 miles or so north of alexandria, egypt, in the
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mediterranean sea, not far from some greek islands. this will be critical, if these teams can pinpoint where the wreckage is, then submersibles down and identify the black boxes. we've only got about another week or so that the black boxes should be giving off the underwater pinger. that's going to be critical. but the ocean depth here is quite deep. somewhere in the neighborhood of three miles deep. that's far too deep to try to lift the entire fuselage up. really probably too deep to try to undergo any significant recovery efforts other than trying to get hold of those black boxes. because the flight data recorder and the cockpit voice recorder will tell them a lot, they hope, about the final seconds of flight. was there some conversation between the cockpit -- in the cockpit, between the pilots about what happened, or was there data on the flight data
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recorder, which deals with everything from the parameters of how the engine is performing to the settings for the flaps, to the speed, to whether there might have been some sudden loss of control, or loss of cabin pressure. all of that hopefully will be included in the flight data recorder. was this a bomb or catastrophic failure of some sort that brought this plane down? we don't have answers right now. it's going to be on the black boxes. they hope to provide that data. >> i'm just looking at the same statement you were reading from a minute ago. it sounds like this investigative team now, they say they're going to be coming up with basically a map here, a distribution map of where the debris might be. but let me be clear. it sounds like we basically have a week here, the investigators have a week here to get into the zone that they're identifying and get these black boxes if they want to solve this mystery? >> if they've identified several main locations of the wreckage,
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as they state here, that is the biggest challenge. the point of a pinger is to draw the attention of the searchers hopefully to the precise location of the black boxes. but if they have found the wreckage, then the presumption is that the black boxes will be on the sea floor in that wreckage field. several oceanographers describe the floor there as a silty, muddy, soft bottom. in other words, it's possible, they say, that if it did, in fact, go down in this silty soft bottom, that it would sink into the floor of the sea. in other words, they describe this particular area as unlikely to be rocky. that said, this is going to be one of those situations where you don't know until you actually have eyes on it, with underwater robotics. so if it's a muddy, silty kind of bottom that can swallow up a fuselage, it's also possible it
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would have swallowed up the black boxes. that's what they need to do, try to hone in on the black boxes and ultimately, with an underwater robotic vehicle, grab those underwater black boxes and bring them to the surface. >> all right, nbc's tom costello, thank you for that. again, the egyptian government telling us now that they believe they have found the wreckage from egyptair flight 804. the search intensifies when it comes to the critical black boxes. the other story we're following this hour, we're waiting for that press conference to begin outside the sheriff's office. a 2-year-old was dragged into a man made lagoon overnight by an alligator. investigators frantically working overnight, trying to find that child, trying to save that child now. in the course of the day today, saying they have shifted gears. this is now a recovery effort. the chance of survival for a
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2-year-old or for anyone given these circumstances, basically nonexistent. blake mccoy is in the area and we'll check back in with him as we await that press conference. one of the things i think a lot of people have been talking about, this is not the first time alligators were spotted in these waters, in this lagoon. this man made lake at walt disney world. there's a video that a tourist took just last summer in this lake, showing an alligator just swimming around. walt disney world was aware of this potential risk. >> that's right. as your wildlife expert just said, in fresh water anywhere in florida, you can expect alligators in the water. disney, in fact, has a wildlife expert. and we're told, it's appropriate to move and euthanize gators to prevent this from happening.
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we can tell you that there's only been one other reported attack on a disney property. that was way back in 1986. it was a third grader here with his family. he was apparently playing on the shore of one of these fresh water lakes and an alligator came out and attacked him. he sustained only minor injuries there. some scrapes. he was able to get away. so they've never certainly had a case where an alligator was able to kill someone. keep in mind, neain this case, was a 2-year-old child. we know the father was with the 2-year-old around 9:00 last night in a wading area, just around the edge of this fresh water pond. there was a no swimming sign, but they were wading in only about a few feet of water, there were no signs warning of alligators certainly. that's when the alligator came out. the dad tried to rescue that 2-year-old and was unsuccessful. the gator dragging that 2-year-old back into the water,
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and the 2-year-old hasn't been seen since. as we were mentioning earlier, they searched through the night using boats, using dive teams, using sonar, they were unable to find this 2-year-old, and it was about noon today they officially switched over into a recovery effort. they had held out hope all morning that maybe with fresh eyes when the sun came up, they'd be able to find this 2-year-old and they haven't. what they have been doing in addition to those boats and the sonar and everything else that's been out here, they brought in some gator trapping experts from around the state, to help them trap the gators in this lake. they want to find the gator responsible and hopefully find the body of this 2-year-old. they've pulled five gators as of noon out of the water and euthanized them. although authorities do not believe any of the five gators are the one that snatched this 2-year-old. steve? >> so they've already found five other alligators in this man made lake. that is amazing. it also sounds like, from what
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i've heard today, once this occurred last night, once this child was taken away by that alligator, the chances of survival for a 2-year-old, or i guess for anyone in those circumstances, pretty slim from that moment on. >> yeah, that's what we've understood too. although local authorities remain very, very hopeful throughout the night. didn't want to give up hope, especially for that poor family that is dealing with the loss of their 2-year-old. so they kept a very optimistic tone throughout the night and to early this morning, until they switched over about noon today and called it a recovery effort. right now, we're told the orange county sheriff here will be speaking and updating us. and as we mentioned at the top of the show, the next update wasn't supposed to happen until 6:00 tonight. we would told there would only be updates before then if there were significant developments. so we think maybe they have found a body. we're of course waiting to hear right now. steve? >> have you heard anything? has disney world said anything?
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you mentioned a minute ago, there was a sign there that said no swimming. a lot of people, i imagine, and i've been down to disney world, i've seen the lakes, i didn't really think of swimming in there, but i wouldn't have read a sign that says no swimming to automatically mean there's a risk of alligator, so much as they don't want you in the water. have they talked about the precautions they've taken to prevent these sorts of things? >> they have not addressed why there were no warning signs that alligators were in these waters. a family around that lake would take that no swimming sign to mean, maybe there's a drop-off, or dangerous elements on the shoreline, but certainly not alligators. that wasn't anything that disney was warning about. we do know that disney has said they've been proactive in dealing with alligators. they have a full time staff dealing with alligators, and they euthanize them, they don't
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relocate them. they kill them when found. disney did release a statement, saying, everyone here at the walt disney resort is devastated by this tragic accident, they say their thoughts are with the family and they're helping the family to do everything they can to assist law enforcement. so, you know, disney is certainly giving their condolences to the family, saying they're assisting them, but not answering specific questions about why there were no warnings about alligators on the water here at the property. >> there are going to be a lot of questions people will be asking in the days ahead. blake, we'll beek whi checking with you as soon as that press conference begins. you see that on the right side of your screen. the press is set up there, waiting to hear from the sheriff's office down there about an update that wasn't supposed to come until a few hours from now. so they do have some sort of big news to tell us, presumably we'll see what that is. in the meantime, while we continue to wait, we'll bring back in jeff musial, animal expert. he knows all about these
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alligators. jeff, that's one of the questions here too. one foot of water. this was an alligator looking for prey. >> right. alligators will hunt. they are nocturnal creatures and do most of hunting at night in shallow water, because they want to be able to overcome prey in shallow water, kind of a surprise, if you will, where they can see under water, out of the water from being under. so they can be shadows and outlines of animals above them. so they can shoot out from the water and grab prey. that's the perfect hunting time for those guys. >> what kind of chance does somebody have? if they're wading in water, whether it's a child or full grown adult, if they're wading in water, oblivious to an alligator being around, it's locked in on them and it makes a move, realistically what kind of a chance does a person have in that situation? >> it's hard to say. depends on the size of the
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alligator, the size of the human. it's the surprise. anyone knows, in general, if you've ever been surprised by something, it takes your breath away at that moment. you're enjoying time with your family, you're not thinking this alligator is going to shoot out and grab me, and what do i do? just the surprise of it all, and by the time your brain reacts to the surprise, sometimes it's too late. also depends on the size of the animal and the size of the human and if the human comes from a part of the area that knows how to handle alligators or anything you could do to help yourself in that situation. >> again, this was a 2-year-old child, so there's it's as helpless as it gets in terms of a human being coming in contact. but for a full grown person, what could a person do if it's an adult in a situation like that? >> well, alligators have sensory organs on their snout. they look like pimples. they can sense the water movement up to a half mile away. so that's a very sensitive area. the snout of an alligator is
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very sensitive. they always said when i learned about different predators, if you're this that situation, an alligator grabs you, you pop them on the nose, with your fist, with a stick. it's like someone hitting you on the bridge of your nose. it's very uncomfortable, you'll be dazed for a second. so that's what they teach you in a lot of zoo situations, if you're by yourself and uncomfortable, something grabs you, right on the snout, they're going to want to let go. >> and does it seem, again, we're just piecing together what the set-up was outside this hotel, this disney world hotel. it sounds like there was some kind of a beach there, where people could get close to the water. again, a sign that said no swimming, but apparently no signage that said, warning, there could be alligators in these waters. as a general practice, it
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doesn't seem wise to have human beings even coming that close to the water when there's a chance of alligators being in there. >> right. and certain properties, i've been to disney many times. and depending where you go, there's different signs that says, wildlife in area, it shows a snake and alligator and turtle. please do not go past this area. do not go past here. there's different signs in different parks. but, again, you're there on vacation, you're not really thinking about, you know, is there an alligator in these waters? you think they would have that taken care of. and they do. they do have a full time team that's there staffed to remove the alligators. they get calls. any complaint of an alligator in the area, they're going to move a team in and remove them. i've heard for many years they've been relocated to different parts of florida or educational centers where they take in nuisancel alligators,
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but i've heard now they remove them by putting them down. so it's kind of a double-edge sword. they'll probably move to put fences up and signs everywhere after this incident. >> again, you're seeing a little bit of activity, just to reset the situation here for folks at home, in the lower right there, you're watching the scene outside the orange county sheriff's office, near orlando in florida. we're waiting for a press conference. apparently we're still a couple minutes away. looks like somebody from the sheriff's office came out just a moment ago, but it sounds like we're still a few minutes away. blake mccoy on the scene, what was just said there? >> he was asking the media if it was beneficial for everyone to wait until 4:30 or a little later to start on a specific time, and everyone jumped in and said, no, no, no, let's start it as soon as possible. so he said, okay, he'll go back and let the sheriff know that we're ready now to learn what
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the new and potentially significant information is. >> and again, for folks, to reset the situation for them, you had been told earlier in the day, there wouldn't be any updates until much later, so this is potentially significant that they're doing this so early? >> right. the last update was at noon, that's when they announced that the search was moving from a search effort to a recovery effort. they did not believe the 2-year-old could still be alive after all of this time. that was at noon today. they said the next press conference would be at 6:00 p.m. unless there were significant updates before then. so that is why we are thinking maybe they have found the body and that is the reason for this press conference. but whatever it is, they promised it would be significant if they came back out before 6:00 p.m. >> and we haven't learned any details about the identity of this child, his family, i think we know they're from nebraska, is that right? >> that's right. from nebraska. family of 4. a 2-year-old boy and his sister,
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visiting the resort park. they've not been identified. authorities told us they were planning to identify the family at 6:00 p.m., but they wanted to give ample time for that family let other relatives know about the horrible tragedy that had happened here at disney world. >> when we say it's a very busy news afternoon, we also have this news we put up at the top of the show, the egyptian government saying that egyptair 804, they believe they found the wreckage of that. that's a developing story as we say. awaiting this press conference there about this 2-year-old child apparently killed by an alligator at disney world. where you are in the orlando area, this comes on the heels of the tragedy at that nightclub with 49 people being murdered there over the weekend. to have this incident happening at disney world, the happiest place on earth, supposedly, just days after this nightclub
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massacre in orlando, just a few miles away, this must be a particularly tough time down there. >> it absolutely is. this community has gone through so much. and i'm going to have our photographer here pan. look at the amount of media that is here. they were already here because of the horrible tragedy at pulse nightclub. this is just on one side of us. i see, oh, gosh, 30 cameras on that side alone. another 20 to my left. the amount of media here in orlando already for the pulse nightclub shooting was significant and a lot of them moved over here today with news of this happening. and we can't forget that "voice" popstar who was killed at a concert on friday. so really, three major tragedies and that was overshadowed by the pulse nightclub shooting that happened on saturday night, but three major tragedies that orlando has been dealing with. you can feel it when you talk to people in this community. i was having lunch today and i bought something with my corporate card, which has nbc on
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it, which gets people talking. they asked if i was here for the pulse nightclub shooting? and i said yes. so horrific. and i told them i was coming here to disney world. and they said, gosh, how much more can we take? >> this press conference is going to begin imminently. somebody from the sheriff's office came out a few moments ago, was looking to start at 4:30, was told, no, let's get this under way. so we'll stay right on this and make sure you hear everything said when it's said. we continue to wait and i'll keep talking with our correspondent, blake mccoy. another issue that arises here, i think, is disney world itself, this is sort of -- this is the most famous, iconic family tourist destination in the country, maybe even in the world. every kid grows up wanting to go to disney world. and part of that is, i think, parents instinctively feel this is a very safe place to bring your children, to bring your
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families. this is not the sort of thing that's supposed to happen at disney world. >> and make no mistake, this has been a very safe place, up until now. there's only been one other incident that we know of, which was 1986, that a child came in contact with an alligator at the park. it was a third grader. he was on the shore of one of these ponds. the alligator came out and attacked him. he was able to get away. he sustained only minor injuries, just a few scratches and that was that. since 1986, they haven't had any incident that we know of, involving alligators. so families do come here with an expectation that this is going to be a safe place for their kids to play. and that has been true up until today. disney has, in light of this, closed all beaches, ferry boats, and marinas until further notice, we're told, in concern for safety of the guests. but there's nothing in the history of disney world that
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we've seen since 1986 that would indicate something like this was a problem. other than, as you mentioned earlier, we have heard some reports over the last few years, there have been sightings. it appears this press conference is about to start. >> let's listen right in. >> speaking right now will be sheriff jerry demings from the orange county sheriff's office, followed by executive director nick wiley from the florida fish and wildlife conservation commission. sheriff demings? >> we're here this afternoon to give you an update on where we are with this recovery effort. we'll share with you that we just met with the family, spent some time with them, and delivered this update. at about 1:45 today, members of
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the orange county sheriff's office dive team located what is believed to be the remains of the deceased, a 2-year-old, and i'll identify him in just a few moments. at about 3:30 today, we recovered the remains of the 2-year-old from the water, and that body has now been turned over to the orange county medical examiner's office for an autopsy. the family, i'm gonna go ahead and identify, the parents are matt and melissa graves from elk horn, nebraska. the 2-year-old is lane graves. i will share with you that the
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child was found, his body was completely intact. and so at this time we will go through the formality of making a formal identification. but there's no reason for us to believe that the body that was recovered is not that of lane graves. the effort to continue with the wildlife management here at disney will go forward. i'm gonna turn it over at this time to the executive director for fwc, who will share with you more details about their efforts. director? >> yes, sir, thank you, sheriff demings. well, first, again, we just want to say that our thoughts and prayers are with this family on
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behalf of our entire agency, and we are terribly heart-broken at this outcome. i want this thank sheriff demings and the orange county sheriff's department. throughout this entire tragedy, they've been great to work with, and they're a true benefit to this community. i'd also like to thank disney. they've been totally cooperative as we work through this in how we handle this tragedy. so although we have some sort of closure to this, our investigation is still ongoing. we're going to continue to evaluate the evidence we have, and we're going to try to continue searching. we're going to make certain that we have the alligator that was involved, and that we remove it from the lake. so we're going to either verify that we've already captured that alligator through forensics work, or we'll continue to look for an alligator until we find the right one. we'll also continue to work with disney, as they work to continue to address alligators in their
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park and continue that strong partnership. with that, that concludes my remarks. thank you. >> the family has asked that we do deliver a message to you. and the message is that they do appreciate all of the prayers that have gone forward to allow those of us who are working on the professional side, to do our jobs to recover their son so that they can move forward at this time with a proper burial. and so on behalf of that family, i deliver that message to you. i will tell you that it was a tough message to deliver to them, to let them know that at this point, their child is dead. so at this time we will entertain a few questions. [ all speak at once ] >> how important is it to find the alligator?
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could he do it again? >> again, there were several alligators located and i'm gonna let the fwc director kind of speak to you about the process that they use to try to confirm whether or not one of the alligators that have been located is the right one or not. [ all speak at once ] >> just really quickly, we're going to look at the five alligators we've already taken. and we're gonna compare things like bite marks and such as that. we don't know really what we have yet. it's still early in the investigation. there's a good chance we already have the alligator, because we focused our efforts in that proximity of where this incident occurred. so there's a good chance. but we'll go through the process and forensics and make certain. if we can't confirm it, we'll go out and continue to look for alligators to make sure we've done the due diligence to take the alligator out.
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>> i believe the question is, where did we find the child. he was within the immediate area where he was last seen. took some time to go through and make sure in the waters, kind of murky, but our divers were able to locate the body. we used sonar equipment and other means to go in and recover -- >> you said the body was found intact. is it your belief that the child drowned? that the child was dragged in the water and drowned? >> i believe -- of course the autopsy has to confirm that, but there's likely no question in my mind that the child was drowned by the alligator. >> -- to warn people of alligators in the water? was the sign sufficient to warn people not from this area that there were alligators in the
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water? [ inaudible ] >> i'm certain there will be opportunities there in the future to look at what has occurred here and see if it can be prevented in the future. >> how will they be able to tell -- >> we will get to the spanish media in just a moment. >> what process do they go through to try to figure that out? >> i think the director just kind of explained that process to you about what they will do to ensure they have the right gator. >> can you go into more detail about what the family was doing along the shore? were they in the water? there was a play pen near the
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water? what exactly were they doing? >> the family were vacationing. there was a play pen -- there's a regular pool that was nearby. they were sitting outside that area. it's a beach-like area and they were sitting there, enjoying the evening. and they have a 4-year-old child, there was a play pen nearby. but this 2-year-old was just along the edge of the bank playing in the water when this occurred. >> can you deliver -- [ inaudible question ] >> i delivered the message, along with a priest, a catholic priest. and of course the family was sdro distraught, but also, i believe, somewhat relieved that we were able to find their son with his body intact, one. and two, that he was located so that they can come to grips with what has happened in this
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situation. >> the sign says no swimming. the child wasn't swimming. he was just wading. yet there's nothing to suggest there was a danger in that and there is a beach area. do you think the way the beach and the signage there is wrong? >> i'm not going to comment on that at this time. again, disney will look at all of those particular issues. that's within's disney's purview at this point. >> can you talk about anything that will be going on with the state level to maybe refuview policies or regulations around gators being this close to areas where children and visitors come here and they don't know that our waters, you know, carry alligators like that? can you talk about that? >> well, anytime there's a tragedy like this, we definitely will work with everyone involved to try to determine if there's something we can learn, if we can do something better to make
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sure this never happens again. we'll certainly be doing that, but that's an ongoing process that we'll have to take some time to work through. >> that does include changing regulations? >> it could include anything right now. i wouldn't discount any measures we want to take or change. but we'll take a careful look and really try to learn from whatever happened here. [ all speak at once ] >> we've not got any reports that i'm aware of of feeding gators. >> when is the last time you received a report about nuisance gators anywhere here on the property? >> as we've stated earlier, disney has a very pro-active program for identifying and removing alligators that are losing their fear of people or otherwise might be a risk. and they remove numbers of alligators routinely. we have an open partnership with them, where they can call a trapper, and even some of their own staff are able to take out
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alligators when they see one that is a problem. [ all speak at once ] >> i don't have the numbers for you right now. we don't get complaints because it's an open process. they take the action directly. >> how deep of water are we talking about? >> i'm just going to estimate it was, i don't know, 10 to 15 yards out, and not quite sure how deep. what i was told was approximately six feet deep in the water. but we will take measurements and all of that. that will come out as part of of the investigation. >> were there other people in the water in addition to this child? and was what this child was doing permissible in your view? was he doing anything that he shouldn't have been doing? >> there were no other people in the water at the time and i believe what this 2-year-old was doing was perhaps what any 2-year-old would have been
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doing. thank you all. we have shared all the information we have at this time. >> all right, there it is. confirming what i think most people had expected, but hoped somehow might not be true. but it is true, that 2-year-old child, the officials there, confirming, who was dragged into the water by the alligator last night, was killed. his body was recovered. authorities identifying the 2-year-old as lane graves, the son of matt and melissa graves from elk horn, nebraska. officials at that press conference saying that a dive team located his body. approximately 1:35 this afternoon in that man made lagoon. they said it was about 10 to 15 yards out from the shore where he was snatched by the alligator. about six feet of water there, body recovered intact. and also that the parents were notified shortly before this press conference apparently at
1:39 pm
3:30 the body was removed from the water and the parents notified shortly after that. blake mccoy on the scene at that press conference and blake, obviously very bad news there from officials. also, they were saying, interestingly, they plan to continue the search to make sure they get the correct alligator, the one that actually did kill this child. i guess five alligators so far have been removed and euthanized from those waters. >> that's right. they said they haven't ruled out that one of those five alligators is the one that killed this boy, but until they're certain that they have that alligator, they say they will continue searching all beaches and waterways here at disney world resort are closed right now. keep in mind, if these alligators have been fed or get too comfortable with people, that's a major, major problem. and it appears this alligator had no problem going to the shore even though a 2-year-old child was there with his father and snatching that 2-year-old.
1:40 pm
so they're going to make sure they euthanize that animal to make sure that the alligator is not a danger to anyone else here at the park or anywhere else in florida. but some very sad news. we heard the sheriff say that this family is thanking the public, the community, for their prayers. the difficult time they must be going through. it's just hard to imagine. they were here on a vacation. the happiest place on earth. family of four from nebraska. they had a 4-year-old playing in a play pen, as we understand nearby, and the 2-year-old wanted to put his feet in the water, was playing right on the shoreline and something awful like this happened, steve. >> it's totally unimaginable until it happens. i believe we have with us still jeff musial on skype, an animal expert, he knows about these animals and what they're capable of. one thing we just heard there, authorities saying they are going to continue to search to make sure they found the
1:41 pm
particular alligator, that they find and euthanize the particular alligator to killed this child. they have five right now. one may be the perpetrator, they're not entirely sure. why is it so important to find this one in particular, when i guess you could say that any alligator you find in these waters would constitute a threat and a danger and perhaps should be euthanized? >> right. the problem is, they want to find that gator. they'll match it up with the teeth on the alligator to the bite marks on the child, things like that. because that animal's desensitized to humans. and that's one of the biggest threats with alligators. they get used to people, get used to feeding, get used to all that. to them, they're not afraid of anything anymore. and out of all the alligators. most of the time they're a peaceful species. they want to be left alone. you do your thing, they do theirs. but when they get desensitized
1:42 pm
to humans, and look at them like, this is where my next meal is coming from, that's a dangerous to have on a property when there's 20 million people coming through that at any given time. >> does that mean if you dropped a human being into these waters, there are alligators who wouldn't just automatically say there's food? >> right. it's not like jaws where they're on a mission to kill everything i can find. they're looking at it, okay, something's in the water splashing around. usually that's where some people feed us marshmallows or chicken wings. now there's something splashing around there, let's see what's there tonight. so they're not afraid of humans anymore. that's their meal ticket. either they're going to see something around there, a dog or someone's cat that they're walking in that same area where they're used to being fed by
1:43 pm
humans. so they don't fear humans and just look at it as a meal ticket. >> jeff musial, we appreciate you sticking around. still to come, the tragedy at the nightclub in orlando, now spilling into politics on the senate floor, in a big way today. we are now passing the five-hour mark as democrats in the u.s. senate pulled a filibuster, essentially, demanding a vote on gun control. a live report from capitol hill. and more back and forth from the presidential candidates. we'll check in with both campaigns right after this. soun? soun? then you'll love this. incredible protection in a pad this thin. i didn't think it would work, but itoe it's called al discreet watch this. thisuper aorbe core turns liquid to gel, for incredible protection that's surprisingly thin. so i know i'm ing it, but no one else will. ways discreet r bladder leaks
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1:47 pm
if we fail to act, the next time someone uses a gun to kill one of us, a gun that we could have kept out of the hands of a terrorist, then members of this congress will have blood on our hands. >> that was senator elizabeth warren of massachusetts on the senate floor. the debate over gun control suddenly dominating capitol hill today. democrats engaging in a filibuster on the senate floor. that's a piece of it you saw from elizabeth warren. that's kirsten gillibrand speaking right now. luke russert has the latest from the capital. let's explain what democrats are asking for here. there's a particular bit of legislation that failed about a year ago, about the federal terror watch list and the ability of somebody on that list
1:48 pm
to buy guns. >> reporter: that's correct. i'm outside of a meeting with fbi director comey and secretary johnson are briefing about the incident that orlando, the tragedy. the democrats are filibuster, starting around 11:20 a.m., they want to move a few measures pertaining to gun control. two in particular. number one, this idea, no fly, no buy. if you are on the terrorist watch list, you are not permitted to purchase a firearm. right now, you are. the nra has been opposed to legislation to prohibit that type of sale, saying that that individual, if they were on that list by mistake, they're having their due process rights violated. republicans have shown a willingness to work on legislation like this. john corn of texas, he put forward an amendment last time around that said doj could flag a sale, a 72-hour window, put it before a judge, see what
1:49 pm
happens. democrats say that's not enough time, that the burden of proof is too difficult that is needs to be stronger than that. the other bill that's a possibility now is the old manchin-toomey compromise, the idea of closing the gun show loophole, more stringent background checks at gun shows. both of these are possible. i spoke to them, they said they have been in conversations throughout the day, about re-upping the legislation, and there was conversations about the no fly-no buy. there's a lot of news going on at the capitol. just behind me, different story, marco rubio, he went to the cameras, sought out reporters and he said the door is open for a senate run. i want to play that sound if we have it and talk on the other side. >> the report earlier today is accurate. carlos and i had a conversation
1:50 pm
on sunday in orlando before i left. obviously, i take very seriously everything that's going on not just in orlando, but in our country and enjoy my service here a lot. i'll go home here later this week and i'll have some time with my family and then i'll -- if there's been a change in our status, i'll be sure to let everyone know. >> reporter: so, steve, rubio confirming a politico report that he is open to running for the senate seat. he was given the green light by his friend who is also running for that seat. it's a heck of a gamble, steve. if he runs and he's to lose, his political career is effectively over. donald trump at the top of the ticket. heck of a decision to make this weekend in florida, but the door is open. june 24th, the filing deadline. the man who said he hated the senate might just want that job again. >> that is, you're right.
1:51 pm
it seemed like he was done with the senate, but maybe going to try to go back now. luke, thanks for that. the other piece of this story luke was talking about, before the rubio news, about what democrats are trying to pull off on the senate floor today, to get some kind of vote, some kind of action on the idea of not allowing guns to be purchased by people on the federal terror watch list. donald trump stepped into this debate earlier today on twitter. he teased a possible change of tone from donald trump. do we have this? can we put this up on the screen? this is what he said. i'll be meeting with the nra who has endorsed me, about not allowing people on the terrorist watch list, or the no-fly list to buy guns. again, the nra had been against previous legislation that would have prohibited people on the watch list from purchasing guns. trump suggesting at least in that tweet that maybe he would be able to bring the nra to a different position on weapons, .
1:52 pm
but then adding, as luke was saying there, they're concerned watch list without adequate due the nra appearing to continue to be solidified in its position. we do know endorsement of trump
1:53 pm
something that he . if you're reading the tweets, i'm not sure you are seeing it from donald trump, it is rallied today in atlanta is a response from his gop critics. we have been talking about this in the last 24 to 48 hours. >> the republicans, our leaders have to get together. it is tough but i think i am going to be forced to do it alone and don't talk, just be quiet, just be quiet, because
1:54 pm
they have to get tougher. we have to be smarter. we have to let our republicans either stick together or i'll do it myself. >> tougher, smarter, that is the message, the concern that some of the language that donald trump is using. >> going to turn to kasie hunt covering at hampton, virginia. a bloomburg poll showing her ahead. there has been movement in hillary clinton's direction in this race. >> there has been and frankly --
1:55 pm
>> reporter: tone that has been very uniform that she's done three public events, a stronger placard, that donald trump is dangerous and unfit. take a look at what she had to say in hampton. >> he wants to ban all muslims in our country coming in and --
1:56 pm
large parts of the world. his comments have become even more inflammatory in recent days. this approach isn't just wrong, it is dangerous. >> reporter: of course we have new marquette poling showing democrats are becoming more enthusiastic about voting this fall as republicans are becoming less. >> thanks for that and we'll be right back.
1:57 pm
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this hour. i'll be back tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., but first mtp daily starts right now. >> it is wednesday, donald trump is a man on an island. his poll numbers are starting to show it, republican leaders are starting to say it. how much more can the gop take. this is mtp daily and it starts right now. good evening, i'm chuck todd on capitol hill. in politics good gets better and bad gets worse, some members of donald trump's own part are calling h


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